Positive content created by evolution

The head of projects at the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ, Tatyana Novikova, spoke at the Cyber Security Day 2021 forum that ended on February 9. She moderated the Digit in Education session: Will panic over remote education ruin positive content?

The participants in the session discussed specific features related to the use of the internet by children, the online threats they face most often, the problems that have emerged during the transition to online education, as well as shared with the audience the experience of developing positive educational content.

Ms Novikova described the Coordination Center’s projects that create a positive and safe space for children and teenagers and form the skills for digital literacy – the domain .CHILDREN, the online game Study the Internet & Govern It! and the contests DOT-Journalism and IT&IP Law.

“Today’s positive content is evolving ‘by touch.’ However, there are already positive examples that can and must be discussed. These projects have existed for many years. They are aimed at developing the younger generation’s skills, at teaching them digital literacy and digital hygiene skills,” noted Ms Novikova.

One of these projects is the themed domain .CHILDREN that is run by the Smart Internet Foundation established by the Coordination Center. The mission of this domain is to create an internet space of trust, teach children and teenagers to upgrade their internet skills, and collect quality internet content on one site. Ms Novikova told the audience about the most interesting resources in this domain, which are designed for diverse age groups – from toddlers to high school students. She also presented the, a new Coordination Center project on cyber security.

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