About .РФ
What differentiates the .РФ domain from .RU?

The .РФ domain enables the use of Cyrillic characters instead of Latin characters in website names. For example, ejik.ru can be replaced by ёжик.рф. The ability to use the Russian alphabet to enter domain names makes browsing much easier for Russian-speaking users, since those who do not know foreign languages or the Latin keyboard layout can easily memorize domain names, which was difficult with Latin domain names. Facts speak for themselves: it takes a Russian speaker less than a second to memorize a Cyrillic domain name, and several times more with a domain name in Latin characters. So, using Cyrillic domain names within the .РФ space is an opportunity to reach audiences in a language they understand.

What are the rules for registering .РФ domain names?

The Terms and Conditions of Domain Name Registration in .RU and .РФ were enacted on November 11, 2011. The current and previous versions of this document are available on the CC for TLD .RU / .РФ website in the Official Documents section.

Can .РФ domain names be accessed online?

The .РФ domain is part of the global domain name system (DNS), and in terms of technology and administration is no different than any other TLD, like .COM, .NET, .RU, .UA, etc. Thus, .РФ can be accessed by online users around the world.

What internet browsers support non-Latin domains?

All browsers that are currently available: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari and others.

Why do I need a .РФ domain name, if I already have a .RU domain name?

.РФ is a Cyrillic acronym for “Russian Federation,” and the .РФ domain is Russia’s official Cyrillic domain. Having a domain name within this zone casts a company in a positive light in the eyes of its existing and future partners. What better way to show where you come from?

The .RU domain has been around since 1994, which means that almost all short and easy-to-read domain names are taken, while buying a desirable domain name on the secondary market can be expensive. Registering a .РФ domain name in is another way to obtain a short and catchy name for your website, which means more user traffic.

Even if you already have a website in another domain zone, you can use a catchy .РФ domain name as a mirror of the original website to help boost user traffic.

Is it true that the first .РФ domain name was sold for 10 million rubles?

During the drafting and public discussion of the Concept for Registering Second-Level Domain Names in .РФ a mathematical model emerged. It consisted of gradually reducing the price of second-level domain names during the premium registration period, with 10 million rubles as the starting price. The media was more than happy to pick up this formula, and this is how the myth of outrageous prices in the Russian domain zone came to be. Actually, after lengthy discussion, it was decided to offer .РФ domain names at the same price as .RU domains.

How is.РФ developing?

You can find statistics and a summary of development trends for the .РФ domain in the dedicated Statistics section.

What myths about attempts to isolate the Russian internet circulated in the public space before .РФ was opened for registration? What actually happened?

There were two popular myths. The first myth was that once .РФ was fully deployed in Russia, users would have to obtain permissions to surf the global web from some kind of a government agency. The second was that specific root servers located exclusively on Russian territory would be created for the .РФ domain, turning .РФ into a network that would be totally isolated from the rest of the internet and inaccessible to users from other countries. Both myths were completely debunked even before the land rush registration period started in the .РФ domain. The internet works regardless of domain names, since DNS was invented for making internet browsing more convenient for users who find IP-addresses hard to memorize. Thus, the administration of the domain space does not affect internet access in any way. Barriers preventing users from going online can be erected by an internet provider who can introduce any requirement, filter content, but this has nothing to do with domains. The .РФ domain is part of the DNS managed by ICANN, while IANA maintains a network of root servers. In terms of technology and management, .РФ is like any other TLD including .COM, .NET, .RU, .UA, etc.

Can I access an .РФ domain name from outside Russia?

You will need the Russian alphabet on your keyboard to type the Cyrillic domain name into the browser, or you can use a virtual keyboard, set it to Russian, and type in the Cyrillic domain name.